Branislava Mandić

Branislava Brana Mandić






Age: 20

  • Languages: Serbian, English
  • Height: 178



Brana is 20 years old. She was born in Novi Sad, Serbia. Student of Faculty for Pedagogy in Novi Sad, 2nd year. At the age of four she was playing tamburitza in a traditional Serbian orchestra. She won blue belt in karate. In her free time she rides a bike and rollers.


She entered the modelling and beauty career when she applied for contest Miss Serbia 2011. She has won the prestigious title of the SECOND RUNNER UP Miss Serbia 2011.

Until the present day she has been working a lots of fashion reviews, editorials, catalogues. Her first engagement as a model was fashion week in Belgrade for Autumn/ Winter 2011, presenting the collections of the Serbian designers Bata Spasojevic, Marija Sabić, and Sandra Obradović but also exclusive swimming clothes and costumes "Il Cuore Italiano". In the world of humanitarian work she gave her contribution as a model in humanitarian fashion show of Adriana Lushenzy.

Also, Brana becomes exclusively The Face of "Dr Feelgood STUDIO" for healthy life. Recently, Brana has got the main female role in the musical spot of the group "Sound Geeks", which is in production procedure at the moment. After her first visit to Turkey, one month ago, Brana said: "I am fascinated with Turkey and it's exceptional beauty of the nature, wonderful people, great hospitality, adorable food and beautiful city of Istanbul, where I spent one whole day riding a bike. I visited Aja Sofia, Blue Mosque, house of great leader and father of modern Turkey Kemal Ataturk. Thank's to this great man with such a spirit and genius, in the year of 1935. Eighteen female MPs joined the Turkish Parliament with the 1935 general elections. In Turkey I met amazing artists, journalists, designers...

Recently Brana was chosen to represent Serbia at the Miss Universe Contest 2012, on special casting, approved from the world licensor, based on the decision of professional team with its head - President and owner of the company Miss Yu. Co - Dr Vesna Jugovic De Vinca.

During last 16 years, Dr De Vinca / www.vesnadevinca.com / is national director MISS SERBIA and licence holder of 17 international beauty contests licences for Serbia, starting with MISS UNIVERSE, MISS WORLD, MISS EUROPE ...

So, after Anja Šaranović / Miss Serbia for Miss Universe 2011 / Brana Mandić becomes Miss Serbia for Miss Universe 2012!

/ In December Brana Mandić is representing Serbia at the Miss Universe Contest, owned by fames Donald Tramp. The event is annually followed in the world media by more than 2 billion of people. /

Brana's main goal is to graduate the university studies and winning the Miss Universe title for 2012 !




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